Out of the Ether

2014 was a pivotal year for my adventure into the land of Cameo Creeps.
Here’s how it started…

Are you familiar with the artist Travis Louie? (Well if not you should be, so make sure you check him out on the web.) Travis asked me to complete an original work for a horror exhibition he was putting together at Last Rites Galley called “ Zombie” in New York City. For me it was a titillating thought and I quickly said yes, as my brain started conjuring images of horrible characters of long ago.

Always fascinated with history and its despicable and power-driven personalities, Hans Holbein’s famous painting of King Henry VIII came to mind.  The thought of his fur-trimmed robe adorned with opulent jewels, excited my artistic sense of detail and I charged forward with the painting. The more I researched the Tudor and Elizabethan Dynasties the more I became intrigued by the in-fighting, the betrayal and jealousy of those days. Those vile ministers pulling the strings as court intrigue played out. Ultimately resulting in the death of several of King Henry’s wives. 

Lamb to the Slaughter was completed and my brain kept conjuring up different characters from the bygone renaissance era; all creepy, despicable, and power-driven.  And… to keep to my whimsical sensibilities they each had to have names that matched their personalities.

So, as a working illustrator for the last 20 years, I began the tedious, but exciting road to produce my characters and their stories.  As I traveled to conventions, my intuition took over and out poured my first set of Cameo Creeps. 

My first creep was the deceitful, Lord Warren Gwarth.  

Gwarth belongs to the Nosferatum, a religious order of Vampires. Their actions are clouded in dark mystery and they secretly give advice to the 8 royal courts. There is no part of the Empty Kingdom on Unearth that hasn’t been touched by the Nosferatum’s underhanded ways. 

His story ends like this…

Lord Warren Gwarth began an affair with a young Dagonian Princess whom he was selected to council through a political scandal. Once the affair was discovered Lord Warren was decapitated.  His severed head was attached atop a buoy, bobbing along the inky black waters of Hatchet’s canal.  His head was often heard by passing ships, discussing the Princess’ political scandal with seagulls.

Chris SeamanComment